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May 20th, Friday 7:30pm Meeting at North Seattle Community College
Speaker: Bob Ridenour with Northwest Boat Adventures

Join a cruising flotilla & learn on your own boat! NW Boat Adventures will increase your confidence & competence in all aspects of cruising. Master provisioning, safe routing, sources for weather info, & rafting while taking in beautiful scenery with new friends. Flotillas will focus on anchoring, resource management, and self-sufficiency. Their Educational Flotilla Cruises go to places like Desolation Sound, Princess Louisa, Barkely Sound, and the San Juan and Gulf Islands. Bob has great ideas for every cruiser in the Puget Sound. Please join us to hear them in person! Check out his website,
May 28-29-30th:
Join us for a fun Urban cruise to Tacoma, a rare dock trip, instead of a raft-up. There's lots to see and do in Tacoma, and coming in by water, is how it's been done for years.
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